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The Fuoco™, originated from the Italian word for “fire”, are not an average pair of socks; they are a symbol. They represent our burning desire to continuously reach for the stars. The unique patterns, bold colors, and premium mercerized cotton exhibit our yearn for perfection.

Whatever your passion is, make sure you aim to be the best at it.

Each pair of I-Khanic Fuoco™ are:

– Made with high quality Mercerized Cotton
– Made in Italy
– Designed based off of intricate Far-East geometric patterns

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5 thoughts on “The I-Khanic Fuoco™

  1. Ahmed Fridge Kabar

    These socks are very comfortable and have great quality, very good price for good looking socks like these!

  2. Ilyas Dasti

    These socks are more comfortable than the socks you have on right now, unless they’re another pair of I-Khanics. In all honesty, these socks are a bang for the buck.

  3. ERFON

    10/10 QUALITY. Who said dressing your feet wasn’t a thing?!!! when i say these socks scream attention, They really do! If someone does see them, they feel compelled to state facts and compliment. Ive only had them for 2 days and have gotten numerous compliments from LITERALLY anyone who has set eyes on them approximately . They are VERY comfortable, and look even better when one arrives at the masjid. When wearing them, one feels like SUPERMAN, and the hesitation of your dress pants rolling up by accident completely goes away. Can be worn causal/ business and street. For all those HYPEBEAST this is A MUST HAVE quality pair of socks with a BARGAIN price! CUSTOMER SERVICE AMAZING. TRULY SINCERE FELLOW WHO RUNS THIS BUSINESS.
    side note: I mistakenly ordered the wrong size and without even mentioning it to them, they offered to ship me another NEW Pair of socks. EXTREMELY thoughtful!


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