The I-Khanic Prestige™ represent the aftermath. It takes hard work but everyone has a chance to build their own empire, it’s not impossible. Everyone has hidden talents, the opportunity, and the capacity to utilize it in whatever nature they desire. Use your abilities and do not let it go to waste.

Achieve Prestige.

Each pair of I-Khanic Prestige™ are:

– Made with high quality Combed Cotton
– Made in Italy
– Designed based off of intricate Far-East geometric patterns

Free shipping on all U.S. orders! International shipping is also available!


2 thoughts on “I-Khanic Prestige™

  1. Lester Efianayi

    If you’re looking to stand out separate yourself from crowd Ikhanics are the socks for you! The subtle details put into each design makes these socks unique. Well done! So happy I joined the sock club.

  2. shahanaakhtar7

    Love these socks, so comfortable to wear and the quality is just 10/10. Would definitely recommend to anyone who loves socks that stand out.


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