About Us

It all started as a Snapchat trend in Connecticut. I used to post my colorful socks on Snapchat and people loved the idea and started sending me pictures of their colorful socks. It got to the point where I was getting 10-15 pictures of feet a day! Kinda creepy, right?

Well I figured why not start a sock company? My name is Inaam Khan, so I named it I-Khanic....get it?! When I released my first design (The I-Khanic Fuoco) people loved it, so I figured why not make more? My next design was an athletic sock (The I-Khanic Attivo) which are a little thicker, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, some extra padding around the ankles, and all of that good stuff. I also made an ankle sock (The I-Khanic Prezioso) due to popular demand specifically from young women...and the rest was history!

All of my socks are very high quality, comfortable, and are guaranteed to attract some attention!

Although it is commonly heard that a pair of shoes reveal the personality of the one who's wearing them, here at I-Khanic™ I believe it is more significant to look past the shoes at what's hidden underneath: the socks. Try on a pair of I-Khanic Socks today!


Inaam Khan
Founder & CEO


Did you know?

  • During the 10th century, due to difficulty producing socks, they were a luxury item reserved for the rich.
  • The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat, socks help to absorb this sweat and move it to other parts of the foot where it is evaporated more easily.
  • One of the earliest known surviving pair of socks were founded in Egypt.
  • The catchy saying “Never leave home without nice socks” is the unofficial motto of I-Khanic™. It started as a simple statement and slowly became a common phrase.